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Sorbents for liquid radioactive wastes

Our sorbents extract upto 100% of different radionuclides from liquid radioactive wastes and contaminated water.

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Sorbents for analysis of water

Our sorbents can remove radionuclides, organic and inorganic contaminants from different media.

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On April 13, 2021, the Japanese government announced its intention to dump these solutions into the World Ocean. On the territory of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, 1.3 million cubic meters of radioactive solutions have been accumulated.

The Eksorb team has developed a solution that avoids the release of radioactive substances into the environment.

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COREBRICK™ technology of conditioning of LRW

Technology COREBRICK -  quick conditioning of liquid radioactive wastes with further safe storage.

Sorbents for animals
Why us?
We develop custom sorbents that fits most efficiently for customers task.
Our high technology level is approved by production of sorbents for animal health.
We can develop technologies on the basis of ion selective sorption according customer needs.

Eksorb Scope

  • EKSORB creates highly selective composite inorganic sorbents with desired properties for more than 20 years
  • The extensive practical experience allows EKSORB to develop products for cleaning liquid media, humans and animals from radionuclides and heavy metals.
  • EKSORB constantly improves its technologies against global radiation threats.

EKSORB  develops and produces high-tech chemical products. The company consists of Chemical Analytical Center accredited by State, Research and Development department and the production facility situated in Ekaterinburg. More than 40 years of practial experience  allows the company to solve a wide range of tasks at any level of difficulty, such as:

  • Revealing, analysis and express control of the maintenance of natural and artificial radionuclides  in natural and industrial waters, in drinking water, sea water, milk and other liquids.
  • Treatment and conditioning of liquid radioactive waste, spent ion exchange resins.
  • Treatment of animals, contaminated with radionuclides.
  • Development of main ingredient for pharmaceutical substance for treatment of cesium contamination
  • Development of revolutionary new way to treat well waters from radon and radon decay products

Our products are successfully applied 25 years in territories of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, eliminating the radiating pollution caused by failure of Chernobyl NPP. Some of our sorbents were used in 2001 at Fukushima site. Sorbents for water analysis are widely used by laboratories worldwide - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Pacific Northwest laboratory, Texas A&M university and others.

Eksorb successfully collaborates with leading energy and engineering companies, such as Rosenergoatom, RosRAO, Nukem engineering services, Avantech inc, Energysolutions and many others.