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Our story

  • 1976: The technology of highly selective sorbents was patented in the USSR for the first time.
  • 1979 – 1983: The system of monitoring radiation in marine environment based on selective sorbents was launched upon orders from the Department of Military Navy of the USSR.
  • 1983-1991: The technology of liquid radioactive wastes treatment was developed and launched in some nuclear power plants in the USSR.
  • 1989-2014: Participation in state program of environmental remediation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. Development, testing and implementation of veterinary medications BIFEGE and FERROCYN.
  • 1993: The first European patent (EP 0575612 A1) for EKSORB technology was received.
  • 1995: The first US patent (№5407889) for EKSORB technology was received.
  • 1998: The first international contract for the development of LRW treatment technology.
  • 2003-2006: Development of different testing methods for several Russian Nuclear Power Plants.
  • 2007:  EKSORB developed and became the only supplier of substance for Ferrocinum for human beings.
  • 2008 - Technology for processing liquid radioactive waste containing organic contaminants using ultraviolet irradiation, was developed and patented.
  • 2011: The development and shipment of sorbents industrial supplies for liquid radioactive waste treatment at Fukushima.
  • 2013: The formulation of Compoferron (medication for human beings)was developed.
  • 2014: The development of COREBRICK™ technology for liquid radioactive waste treatment.The presentation of COREBRICK™ technology at WM Symposia (Phoenix, USA).  The agreement with the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan was signed.  EKSORB started works on the development of the technology on liquid radioactive waste treatment for ASSE Mine project (Germany).
  • 2015: Field tests of COREBRICK technology in BN-350 Aktau, Kazakstan. Successful collaboration with Energysolutions and Avantech companies.
  • 2016: Agreements for development of COREBRICK technology with Rosenergoatom and NUKEM engineering services are signed.