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Eksorb completed an order for the supply of the active substance for the production of 80 thousand doses of the Ferrocin® radioprotector.

The method of sequential decontamination of radioactive solutions includes the removal of radionuclides from solutions using selective sorbents.

This invention makes it possible to increase the radiation protection of service personnel during the production process, to exclude the formation of washing waters arising during the operation of filter elements. (Patent No. 2 769 953)

BEIJING, 4 February. /TASS/. Russia and China are concerned about Japan's plans to dump polluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean. This is stated in a joint statement of the two countries.

Eksorb has developed a technology that avoids the release of radioactive water into the world's oceans. 

МАГАТЭ решило больше не откладывать вопрос сброса воды с «Фукусимы-1» | ИА Красная Весна

he invention relates to technology for processing liquid radioactive waste containing, inter alia, tritium isotopes, which are formed in various nuclear industry plants, and also during decommissioning of such plants. (patent № 2737954)


In the claimed method, boric acid, after being in the primary coolant, does not enter the ion-exchange filters and does not return to the reactor again, but is completely purified from radionuclides on selective inorganic sorbents, concentrated and sold as a commercial product on the industrial market, and the lack of boron-10 compensated by portions of new boric acid.