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On March 1st, Eksorb successfully completed the first part of its contract with FMBA RF for the supply of active ingredient for the production of 200 thousand packages of Ferrocin radioprotector. The drug is an essential means of preventing the accumulation of radioactive isotopes in the body and treating intoxication of the body with cesium, rubidium, thallium radioisotopes and other uranium fission products.

EKSORB 30th Anniversary

EKSORB is 30 years old! We are celebrating this anniversary with the next delivery of Ferrocin© to our traditional client - FGUP SPC "Pharmzashchita". Our substance is used as an integral component of means for protecting personnel and the public during the elimination of the consequences of radioactive contamination, which is a critical issue for the national security of the Russian Federation.

We produce a wide range of analytical and technological sorbents for various radioactive elements. Our sorbents are traditionally and successfully used both in the study of radioactive contamination and in the elimination of such contamination in various media.

EKSORB Products

For 2023, Eksorb received an order from the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of the Russian Federation for the production of an active substance in an amount equivalent to 200,000 packages of the Ferrocin® radioprotector.

Ferrocin® - It is used in case of intoxication with radioisotopes of cesium, rubidium and thallium (including uranium fission products), as well as to prevent the accumulation of radioisotopes in the body. The drug is part of the first-aid kit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and a number of other structures.