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Tashlykov O.L., Khomyakov A.P., Mordanov S.V., Remez V.P.

Ion-selective cleaning as a way to increase the efficiency of bringing liquid radioactive waste in line with the acceptance criteria for disposal.

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Khomyakov A.P., Mordanov S.V., Tashlykov O.L., Remez V.P.

Scaling technique for hydrodynamic processes in a sorbent layer using CFD modeling and models based on the Ergun equation

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Khomyakov A.P., Mordanov S.V., Tashlykov O.L., Remez V.P., Kostarev V.S., Litvinov D.N.

Investigation of the physical properties of ion-selective sorbents for the treatment of liquid radioactive waste

Study of physicochemical and sorption properties of nickel and iron hexacyanoferrates in relation to cesium
Semenishchev V.S., Pyankov A.A., Remez V.P., Afonin Yu.D., Nikiforov A.F.
Sorption and chromatographic processes. 2020.Vol. 20.No. 1.P. 54-63.

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A technology of drinking water decontamination from radon and its decay products

Igor Voinov, Viktor P. Remez, Alexey A. Ioshin, Vladimir S. Semenishchev, Dmitry A. Gorchakov


Underground water is one of the main sources of radon for households. This article focuses on the estimation and removal of radon from underground water using the technology and inorganic sorbents developed by EKSORB Ltd., Russia for liquid radioactive waste treatment in the nuclear power industry. The article presents the results of tests of a system for the removal of radon and radon daughters from water patented by EKSORB. This is achieved by filtering water through RATZIR sorbent, followed by periodic load regeneration. Over a period of three years, the plant is successful in removing radon from the water that had an initial radon content of approximately 1500 Bq/L to less than 60 Bq/L, without releasing radon to indoor/outdoor air.

 Keywords: Radon in drinking water • Radon measurement • Sorption