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This study analyzes the 137Cs behavior in the ponds of Okuma Town from 2015 to 2019 in the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (FDNPP) exclusion zone. A decline in both particulate and dissolved 137Cs activity concentrations was revealed. The decline rate constants for the particulate 137Cs activity concentration were found to be higher than for the dissolved 137Cs activity concentration. In terms of seasonality the dissolved 137Cs concentrations were higher from June to October, depending on the specific pond and year, most likely due to temperature dependence of 137Cs desorption from frayed edge sites of micaceous clay minerals. The apparent Kd(137Cs) in the studied ponds, in absolute value, appeared to be much higher than that for closed and semi-closed lakes of the Chernobyl contaminated area; however, these were comparable to the values characteristic of the rivers and reservoirs of the FDNPP contaminated area. The apparent Kd(137Cs) in the suspended sediment–water system was observed to decrease over time. It was hypothesized that this trend was associated with the decomposition of glassy hot particles. Relying on the theory of selective sorption and fixation, the exchangeable radiocesium interception potential, RIPex(K) was estimated using data on 137Cs speciation in the surface bottom-sediment layer and its distribution in the sediment–water system. For the studied ponds, RIPex(K) was on the average 2050 mEq/kg, which is within the range of values measured in laboratory studies reported in the literature.

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