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Sorbents for animals

In practice, it was shown that the introduction PCF of the diet of animals reduces the radiocaesium in muscle tissue of 12-13 times, in the internal organs of 25-90 times, 10-20 times in milk.

It is known that a considerable part of the land territory of the Russian Federation under the influence of anthropogenic emissions and natural disturbances contain high concentrations of heavy metals entering the food and then animal products. This leads to diseases of animals and humans, reduced immunity, reduced life expectancy. The use of PCF in the farms of the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions and Tatarstan, have demonstrated a high efficacy of these drugs to prevent inflow of heavy metals from feed to final products of animal husbandry. It is established that PCF reduce the amount of cadmium in the muscles of steers in 9 times, lead 3.4 times (Sverdlovsk region). Arsenic content in the liver of cows up to 340 times (Karabash, Chelyabinsk region). The nickel content reduce in milk by 40% (Tatarstan). Reducing the toxic load is accompanied by normalization of metabolic processes. Increased blood levels of calcium, phosphorus and iron, reduced cholesterol levels, normalized protein-synthesizing function. Increased live weight gain in bulls by 20-40%, in pigs of 15-20%, the additional milk production of cow's milk to 2 liters in the day.