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For the first time to sorbents PCF have paid attention in the late sixties of the XX-th century. After intensive tests of the nuclear weapon of the USA and the USSR it was found out that in many countries animal industries production is polluted by the radionuclides which have got to soil at radioactive fallout.

PCF have shown the best sorption characteristics in comparison with known artificial and natural materials both full biological and ecological safety. In Soviet Union medical "Ferrocinum" has been developed for first-aid sets of the personnel of the atomic power station. In Germany PCF investigated for deducing of radionuclides from organisms of various animals.
After Chernobyl accident by the Soviet and European scientists hundreds sorbents for working out of the veterinary preparations preventing receipt of radio nuclides (especially caesium) in animal industries production have been studied. After six-year researches and industrial tests, PCF such as Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) and BIFEZH®, that manufactures SPE Eksorb (located in Ekaterinburg) as medical products for animals have been registered in the State registry at 1993. Technologies for manufacturing PCF have been patented in Russia, USA, countries of European Union.
Application of preparations containing Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) in animal husbandry
Basis of all preparations containing Ferrocinum (PCF), used in veterinary science, is the inorganic ion exchanger Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB), a representing complex of almost insoluble connections of iron generated as nanoparticles. Possessing unique sorption characteristics Ferrocinum selectively deletes from various environments heavy toxic metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, thallium, etc.) and dangerous radio nuclides.

Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) - the basic operating substance representing agglomerates of nanoparticles of dark blue color. When injected in a gastroenteric path of animals Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) forms colloidal system from nanoparticles, possessing a huge surface and sorption activity. Colloids PCF form strong complexes with the toxic microcells, not capable to get through a mucous membrane of the digestive channel. BIFEZH® contains 10 % Ferrocinum, put on the cellulose carrier (bran, cellulose, groats and to that similar).

Drugs containing Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) prevent the intoxication of the body with salts of heavy and radioactive metals. The active ingredient Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) is a complexing compound. It prevents the absorption and accumulation in the body of toxic substances. Stops them from entering the bloodstream and lymphatic system of the gastrointestinal tract, and received into the body toxins are removed from it.

 Ferrocinum (Prussian Blue - PB) drug is used as enterosorbent in doses:
- Bull-calves at fattening - 3.6 grams per head per day;
- Milk Cows - 3.6 grams per head daily the entire period of lactation
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