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Products for Water Analysis

Tests of the nuclear weapon, nuclear catastrophes and failures lead to injection of radionuclides in sea and fresh worldwide. The pollution of the environment differs in many regions of the world and is frequently underestimated. Meanwhile, application of sensitive methods of the analysis shows not only accumulation, but  essential migration of radionuclides in areas where they weren't marked earlier. The problem of radioactive pollution and the organization of its monitoring is one of the major among environmental problems.

Analytical sorbent ANFEZH® is intended for concentration cesium at control of the maintenance of radionuclides in industrial and natural waters, in drinking water, milk and other solutions. Such concentration is necessary for increase of sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis.

Many thousands of tests have been made during 20 years of application of sorbent ANFEZH by such organizations:

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (US)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (US)
  • Texas A&M University at Galvestone (US)
  • Diversified Technologies Systems, Inc (US)
  • Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (Japan)
  • Geo-Enviromental Dept. Asia Air Survey Co., LTD (Japan)
  • Nakaminato Laboratory for Marine Radioecology (Japan)
  • National Institute for Radiological Sciences (Japan)
  • Research Group for Enviromental Science, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Japan)
  • Instituto superiortecnico Campus tecnologico e nuclear (Portugal)
  • Hoschschule Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

High selectivity to a number of radio nuclides of sorbent ANFEZH®, its mechanical and chemical stability at a long filtration of great volumes (to 10 mЗ) various water environments, high speed of sorption have allowed to create an express quality monitoring of radionuclides high-sensitivity, reliable and convenient in application.