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The Anfezh® system is designed for effective and reasonably priced determination of low levels of radioactive contamination in liquids, including sea water, fresh water, drinking water, wine, milk, juice, etc. The system can also be used to determine the amount of radionuclides in the human body from the urine test. Other available methods are very expensive and time-consuming.

Our system consists of a plastic sorption column containing 10 to 100 g of granulated iron ferrocyanide, which is absolutely safe and used as an antidote for human and animal poisoning with cesium and thallium isotopes. The volume of tested samples may range from 1 to 1,000 liters. Concentration time is 30 to 300 minutes. Cesium recovery efficiency is 99.9%.  The shelf life is at least 5 years.

Unlike other products available on the market, this radiochemical analysis system is easily drained to remove any residual liquid and may be placed in a measuring well for radiometry without any additional manipulation, which is a great advantage.

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